UNLIMITED 'Three Months To Thrive'


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Tramsform your Relationship with Food and Life, get a running-start into a Healthy, Happy Body you love by Joining --


UNLIMITED 'Three Months to Thrive' Today!


Three Months to Thrive Mindset Classes, Rotate Every Three Months with No End and No Beginning! The PERFECT Formula for "Joyful Living."


UNLIMITED 'Three Months To Thrive' INCLUDES:


Pre-program Health History consultation for a deep-dive into all aspects of your life and how these affect your health.

Customized lifestyle plan and suggestions for supplements that will help you with your specific challenges instead of becoming expensive urine.

Targeted hormone analysis specifically created to discover the root cause of your health issues.

Simple formula to stop dieting, and finally start living!

My Delicious Detox and Personalized ‘Just Tell Me What to Eat’ meal plan all loaded with simple easy, fast, fabulous and fun recipes to release the weight, ditch your cravings, heal your hormonal imbalances and health issues and become a lean fat burning machine to finally feel energized and comfortable in your own skin. 

My Magic Method to Kick Cravings to the Curb in 5 minutes or less. 

Powerful Mindset tools, techniques and strategies to discover to the ‘Root Cause’ of Not What You Are Eating but What’s Eating You!


    'Three Months to Thrive' is your Ticket to Feeling Happy, Healthy and Fabulous!


    UNLIMITED and All 'Three Months To Thrive' Programs Include: 


    Tried and true techniques to kick your food and sugar cravings to the curb


    Simple strategies for developing lasting healthy habits


    Energy boosting strategies to reclaim and increase your vitality


    Empowering solutions to feel light and comfortable in your own skin


    Proven simple solutions to bring your body to it’s perfect weight


    Rapid relief for your most nagging issues and symptoms


    Surefire blueprint for living a calm and balanced life


    Powerful guidance and support to soothe your stress demons easily and effortlessly


    Simple secrets to consistently give yourself the extreme self-care you deserve


    Magical Methods to give Brain Fog 'the boot'


    Special Sauce to upgrade and increase your libido with healthy tips and strategies


    Rediscover your joy for living, your zest for life


    Personalized goal-setting and accountability


    My loving and gentle support to empower your successes


    Private text stream for questions and to share successes and challenges


    Wellness binder with session notes, handouts and resource material


    Fast, fabulous and fun recipes and cooking advice


    Special surprises and celebrations along the way


    Optional Private Consultations throughout the program are offered for additional fee


    Love & Support,







Kathryn Chess

E- Mail: Kathryn@KathrynChess.com

Telephone: 925-980-3898

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