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Think that your body craves ice cream, potato chips, or your favorite comfort junk food? Think again!

Are you stuck in a comfortable rut and finding it hard to make lasting lifestyle changes?

What if these changes were easy? Are you ready to say yes to change and make some simple shifts to flip your well-known, well-planned life on its head? To know what your body is really craving, you need to take a deep-dive and look at your cravings with a new perspective. Are you willing?

If you’re willing to start listening to the messages that your body is sending you, it will ease your resistance to change.

How can you say YES to positive transitions in your life?

Try on these 3 simple secrets to give yourself what your body really craves and heal yourself from the inside out.

1. Put yourself first with extreme self-care

When I was in Corporate America and a Robot Mom, I was so focused on taking care of my customers and my son that I forgot to take care of the most important person: me.

To start putting yourself first, take 15 minutes to do a brain-dump. Write down the activities that bring you the most joy. Include the small simple things that truly fill your soul and that you can do in less than one hour.

Get out your calendar and schedule one of those activities for this week. Make this activity non-negotiable.

The following week schedule two of these activities, and on the third week, schedule all three. Don’t let anything stop you from doing these special joyful activities.

Over time you will discover more and more things that bring you pleasure. As you accomplish them, one activity builds on the next. You will gain momentum and get better and better at putting yourself first.

Allow yourself to be joyfully engaged in life and present 100% of the time. Continue to schedule joy filled activities and let me know how they change your perspective in life!

2. Eat with gusto and pleasure.

Sit down to eat your food. Cut out all distractions (no TV, I-pad, cell phone or book). Put your food on a plate. Take a bite and truly taste the flavors of your food. Chew and eat the food mindfully. Savor each and every bite.

The way we eat is the way we do everything. By slowing down and savoring your food, you discover how to savor your life.

You can read more about mindful eating by 

3. Create magic and expect a miraculous outcome for your life.

This week, instead of complaining about what’s going on in your life, create magic!

Every day when you wake up and throughout your day, see yourself experiencing miraculous outcomes. Imagine your best life ever and see everything as if your miracle had already happened. So often we see our lives half-empty. I want you to start seeing your life extremely full, vibrant, and filled with joy. When we expect miracles, they happen. Enjoy the magic!

If you like these tips and want to learn more about how to heal your body and your life, check out Three Months to Thrive Tuesdays at 7:00PM. I would love for you to join me.

Big Love for your best health ever,

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