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Want to Improve your Energy, Boost your Immunity, bring your body to its Perfect Weight, End Chronic Pain, say Bye Bye to your Pharmaceuticals and Live in a Life you Love?


I’ve created THIS powerful program, VEGGIE IT UP, specially designed to get you there!

What we consume is the single factor that creates our health and happiness. Whether your’e not eating enough vegetables, oxygenating your system fully or thinking the thoughts that take you down the rabbit hole of fear, self-loathing, worry, doom and despair.

Despite your commitment to your health, increasing your servings of vegetables to 8-10 cups a day, learning to breathe deeply and changing your mindset can be daunting.  

You can’t do this alone or you’d be doing it already. I’ve developed a new program full of amazing recipes and step-by-step tools to empower you to finally flavor your food and live in a life you can’t wait to wake up to.

In my VEGGIE IT UP, I help you Create a Vibrant Vital Life, you’ll be supported with delicious Vibrant Vegetable Recipes, my Favorite Tools, Tips and Simple Strategies to feel energized in a life you love.

This program will help you to:

  • Crowd out your cravings.

  • Be your own Energizer Bunny with enough energy to keep going all day long.

  • And, easily and effortlessly use simple daily practices to crowd out your cravings by eating deliciously vibrant vegetables and using breath and thought to create your most vibrant and happy life.

I lovingly support you through 27 VIDEO COOKING DEMONSTRATIONS, and Motivational Strategies all specially designed to bring you to improved health, happiness and joy and get your body running like a well-oiled machine.

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Should you have any questions or need additional details, please don't hesitate to Reach Out directly to my Program & Product Director, Penelope Bent, 415-532-5833, anytime 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM PT 


Kathryn Chess

Email: Kathryn@KathrynChess.com

Telephone: 925-980-3898

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