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Simple Steps to Be Thinner, Happier, and Healthier!

The Healthiest Bread in the World!

This bread is so delicious. It tastes just like your favorite multi-grain bread and is so much healthier because it’s gluten, sugar and dairy-free and loaded with fiber. Enjoy!

Have a Healthy & Happy Thanksgiving Feast This Year!

Try My Amazing Bread!

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I’ve developed these 25 Yummy, Delicious, Fast, and Fabulous Recipes just for you because I never want you to miss out on truly loving your body and feeling comfortable in your skin.

I invite you to take the first step into your greatest version of you by exploring these mouthwatering, decadent, fast, and fabulous dairy, gluten, and sugar free meals to jumpstart your way to health and finally find the greatest version of YOU!



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Want to Transform Your Relationship with Food And Life?


Imagine a life where instead using will-power to struggle through your day, you listen to your beautiful body, feed her exactly what she needs, feel fabulous every day, and truly love your life.


The Secret to Living in a Body and Life You Love is Addressing Stress, Hormonal Imbalances, and Your Inner Demons . . . It's SO much deeper than just FOOD!

Lasting Health and Happiness is discovered by exploring not what you’re eating. Lasting Health is found by digging deep and releasing What’s Eating You!


Your Relationship with food is the doorway to immense peace and unshakeable joy (and I’m sure that’s what you’re really looking for).


All of my ‘Three Months to Thrive’ Programs are A Mindful Approach to Bring Your Body to its Ideal Weight, Optimum Health, and Joyful Living. Learn to use "My Proven-Process" to give you the Freedom, Joy and Peace you Deserve with Food and your Life.



Become Your Healthiest & Happiest Self!

I’ve been on countless diets without sustainable results and I know you’ve been there too! DIETS DON’T WORK FOR LONG LASTING HEALTH!


Mind-Body Practices give you more substantial body and life transformations. In My ‘CHOOSE LOVE'  Program you learn to love, value, and care for yourself.

You have an inner saboteur who wants to keep you safe, comfortable and stuck! 

My ‘CHOOSE LOVE' Program gives you the powerful tools to bust out of your limiting beliefs, discover a new way of thinking and live with more joy and happiness than you ever thought possible.

I support your bodies innate healing ability to empower you to improve your diet and lifestyle by exploring the connections to all the systems of the body and areas of your life.


You can heal your beautiful body and enjoy life again.


Let’s do this together!



 Happiness and Love are a Choice!

        4 Week Program ONLY $89.00

           Weekly Coaching Calls

           Change Your Mind . . . 

           Change You Body!


Adrenal Burnout or Fatigue – What Is It? Why Me?

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Because my job has been so all consuming I realized I had completely neglected Myself, My Health and My Life!

The FALL INTO FABULOUS 'Three Months to Thrive' Online Program helped me Discover Myself, Lose 15lbs, and Learn to Live a More Joyful Life!

If I can do this I Know YOU Can!

Always Hugs,

Penelope Bent-Lippincott
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Butternut Squash Rice Bowl

This Butternut Squash Rice Bowl recipe is so healthy and delicious. I love to make it for my family as an easy meal that everyone will love! 


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