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Lose Weight with Delicious Romanesco Cauliflower Mashed Potatoes

This is pure food-trickery in a super healthy way. I was skeptical about making this awesome side-dish because itโ€™s healthy and very green.

The truth is, once you try these healthy mashed potatoes, you will fall in love with them.

Romanesco cauliflower seems a bit healthier and earthier than regular cauliflower. I say the darker the vegetable, the healthier it is.

You can substitute white cauliflower in this recipe.


โ€‹โœ… 1 cup water

โœ… 2 tbsp coconut cream

โ€‹โœ… 1 tsp. salt

โœ… Juice from 1 lemon

โœ… 1 head Romanesco cauliflower, florets trimmed

โœ… 1 tsp. garlic powder

โœ… 1 shallot, minced

โœ… 1 tsp. pepper

โœ… 1 garlic clove, minced

โœ… 2 to 3 minced chives, as a garnish


๐Ÿ‘‰ Cook the cauliflower in a saucepan or steamer with a pinch of salt until the cauliflower florets are bright in color and tender when poked with a fork, about 10 minutes. Reserve the cauliflower broth by pouring it into a small bowl. Drain the cauliflower florets. Drain the cauliflower and set it aside.

๐Ÿ‘‰ To the same saucepan, add a teaspoon of olive oil. When the oil is warm, add the minced shallot and cook until soft and translucent, about 5 minutes.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Add the minced garlic and cook for an additional minute.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Add the reserved cauliflower florets and a few splashes of broth back into the pot. Using a hand immersion blender or food processor and pulse until smooth adding additional water if needed.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Add seasonings, pepper, and coconut milk. Sprinkle in pepper and pulse until combined.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Add the juice from ยฝ lemon and salt to taste.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Transfer to a bowl and garnish with more pepper and a few chopped chives.

This delicious veggie recipe is part of my Veggie it Up Series.

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